Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our more frequently asked questions

About Our DVD Products

Are your DVDs region free?
Yes, they are! We ship all over the world and rarely have an issue in which the DVD will not play for our customers. No matter what type of DVD player you have, our DVDs will work for you.

The DVD won’t play/skips/is defective.
New DVDs often have static on them as a result of the manufacturing process. Please wipe the underside of the DVD with a soft, lightly damp cloth and attempt replay again. This will discharge the static electricity and ensure that your DVD can play.

Very rarely, a customer will encounter a defective DVD that does not play properly. If your DVD does not work for you even after discharging static, please contact us and we’ll get you a new one.

How long until I receive my physical DVD?
We ship on business days from Mount Shasta, California. If we are extremely busy, it might take a couple of days. You will receive a confirmation tracking number from the USPS when your order ships. Orders typically take 3-5 business days to get to you. We can ship USPS priority mail, which can arrive faster. All orders ship out of our Mount Shasta, California USA office.

How long until I receive my international shipment?
We do not provide tracking for international orders. All shipments are through USPS. We can get you a customs number but have found the cost of shipping internationally with tracking is prohibitive. The minimum transit time for international shipping is 3-4 weeks (even to Canada).

We have had shipments to China take up to 8 weeks. If you haven’t gotten your order within 4 weeks of the shipping confirmation, check with your local post office. Sometimes local post offices will hold packages waiting for you to pay import/VAT fees. Unfortunately, they do not often notify you, their customer, of this. If you are expecting international shipments, have your local post office check for your shipment.

I am overseas. How much will customs/VAT charge me?
International customers are responsible for any VAT or import duties / fees on their order. You’ll need to check with your home country for any taxation.

My shipment was returned to you because I provided an incomplete/wrong address. Can you please ship it again?
If you have given us an incomplete/ incorrect address and your item is lost and/or returned, we will require that you send us the money for the reshipment. Minimum charge for a reshipment is US$2.00.

If your order is lost in transit you will be given the option of a reshipment or refund for the missing items (less the shipping fees) . Once we have reshipped once we are unable to reship for a third time or offer a refund.

My order arrived damaged. Please ship me a new one.
If your product is damaged during shipping, we ask that you take a photo of the damaged product and email it to us. Once we receive the photo, we’ll send you a replacement free of charge.

About Downloadable Products

How long until I receive my downloadable product?
Downloads are instantaneously available upon payment. If you created an account, your product download is availabe on-site. You will also receive an email with a direct link to your product download. If you didn’t get it, check your spam filter. If you still didn’t get it, let us know.

How do I get my downloadable files to my phone/tablet?

There are a number of ways to get your files to your device. You can use WALTR, we can Dropbox them to you, or you can connect your device to your computer and copy them over.

I lost my download files. Can I get them again?
If you have a receipt, send it to us. Or, provide an order number, a timeframe when you ordered, or some other identifier so we can verify your purchase.

Bulk Orders & Affiliates
I would like to buy your products wholesale.

We do have wholesale pricing available based upon quantity of purchase. Please contact us for details.

I would like to be an affiliate.

We are in the midst of reworking our affiliate program.  Contact us and let us know, and we’ll keep you posted when we’re ready for affiliate applications.