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Coaching Call 1

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Do you want to quickly change or improve anything in your life? If so, you had better know exactly how to get yourself to change, or you might as well beat your head against the wall trying to knock it down. Because you cannot force yourself to change. You need proper instructions in the Science of Change.

This coaching call was magical. Even I was surprised! I was surprised at the responses I got about the changes people were experiencing before the end of the call. It was truly magical.

Even if you weren’t there, there are opportunities to claim some of that magic for yourself. I didn’t work with everyone who was listening that night, but everyone who listened heard something important that changed their life.

Now you can have that experience for yourself. In a MP3 audio, you can hear the same processes I took people through on the call, and claim that magic for yourself and apply it to your life immediately.

2 reviews for Coaching Call 1

  1. Brad J.

    What a fantastic experience it was. The single thing that stands out and impresses yet bewilders me is how such a seemingly ordinary guy, speaking ordinary language in such an ordinary manner can bring such extraordinary results. He’s not some stuffy Doctor of psychology that tries to get into your head and fabricate mommy and daddy issues, but rather just a relaxed dude there for a chat…not that I expected the former by any means, just really taken by the ‘blue collar’ approach.

    It was such a calming and enjoyable experience, the nearly 4-hour conversation absolutely flew by. One might think that sitting and listening to other people’s problems would be unbearable but that isn’t what the event is about at all. Although we’re all there with some sort of issue that is presumably having a negative impact in our lives, Mark manages to keep everything very positive while directing you down a very manageable and productive path. When he asked me to ask myself a particular question after I told him of an issue I’ve had for some time, I honestly thought he misspoke or misunderstood what I had said. The way the question was presented wasn’t something I would have ever thought of asking myself in a hundred years, and again in a very positive manner. Having to stop and really think about the question itself and not so much the answer you want to give puts a totally different perspective on things. The exercise we did with the distance of different things from where we sat was so simple yet so enlightening. It made executing the solution to one of my issues so easy, so minimal that I couldn’t believe I ever made excuses not to do it.

    As much as I enjoyed our session together and the satisfaction I got from it, I equally enjoyed listening to the others. Their issues weren’t something I’ve ever had and hearing them voice there troubles in the beginning and the transformation of that voice by the end of the discussion was nothing short of fascinating. I really felt like I was experiencing the same joy and relief that they were, yet I didn’t even have the problem to begin with. Thanks again for a wonderful time and I’m looking very forward to another call, session, experience…whatever one might refer to it as. I’ll simply have it on my calendar as ‘Time with Mark’ and it is certainly time that is very well spent.

  2. Phil S.

    I have to express my gratitude to you. The time you shared, the expertise you showed, the wisdom you flowed.

    You were so generous with your time. And a biggie for me was you shared anecdotes about things that had gone astray in your life experiences. Your the authentic deal, my man. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents.

    Well what happened? I thought at the time not much was going on but I was not aware of what was happening below the water level. So many things started to make sense after the call. I was shattered, woke with a headache. Through Thursday I went into anger, arguing, and lashing out at the dog, but I was OK
    with it. Then came the calm after the storm.

    You remember I held the belief “I am not good enough” in mind. Thursday I felt drawn to a couple of exercises. One exercise focusing on shifting one word in a sentence. So I started shifting with NOT. Then an EFT exercise tapping on the belief and relating to a earlier experience. I bobbed back to when I was 2/3. Then speaking with my mother she turned the belief on its head, she said “may be the belief is you looking at others and saying their not good enough.” Then this morning the connection was made I was using the belief “I am not good enough” in order to allow others to feel good about themselves.

    So every piece you used was a jigsaw piece in a puzzle solution. What flowed after your class happened with ease, no effort. I just went with what flowed in, and what flowed in allowed energy to flow out. I began to feel the belief lifting out and upward. Amazing. Given me some ideas about working with troublesome beliefs with clients.

    Thank you so much.

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