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Neuroscience of Getting Rich: Law of Flow Download

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The Law of Flow is the real secret to manifesting and attaining your goals. Explored, developed, and tested by Mark J. Ryan, an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and the latest in neuroplasticity, The Law of Flow is a new model of manifestation that expands the ability of humans to create their own experience through the power of their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

“I have watched these so-called experts frustrate people by teaching them the Law of Attraction. But I’ve seen what they really do. They use something much more powerful. They use The Law of Flow. They might not call it this, but it’s what they do. They know that the unconscious mind cannot understand the Law of Attraction. But it understands The Law of Flow. If your unconscious mind cannot understand the principles and the model of the Law of Attraction, it’s not going to work. But with The Law of Flow, I’ve really seen the difference.” – Mark J. Ryan

You understand the principles of attraction. You’ve seen images of magnets and money. But what happens when you hold a magnet over precious metals like gold or silver? Nothing. It doesn’t work. What do you think if you hold a magnet over $100 bills? Or if you hold a magnet over a person? Do you think it will attract it? How does that feel to you? Odd? Off? Unlikely? How is your unconscious supposed to understand you attracting something on a basic level?

Your unconscious understands this, it has seen it work, and unless you’ve worked with many other different experiences in attraction and have seen it work differently, your unconscious negates the very work you’re trying to do. Your manifestations sit in the corner, unable to work with the framework of understanding your reality that your unconscious protects and believes.

The Law of Flow, however, works with a lot of different metaphors. It works with different pictures. It works with all sorts of different imagery. It works with natural cycles, it works with many different models of experience. And it is built into some of the oldest systems of understanding our reality.


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