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Open Your Unconscious Mind and Clear Your Blocks to Receiving with Subliminal Manifestation: Give to Live!

You may know all the secrets to wealth and getting what you want, but if you don’t know how to receive… all the secrets in the world won’t help you.

Learning how to open yourself up to receiving is critical to getting what you want.

When you learn how to open yourself up to receiving, you will find out how much you have been missing.

Our brains have something called a reticular activating system (RAS). This system tends to lock in and only let you see what your belief systems accept as reality. If you don’t believe it, you cannot see it.

This means that you can already have what you’ve tried to manifest into your life — right in front of you. But because this part of your brain doesn’t believe in it, this system will lock you out of experiencing what you don’t believe you deserve.

Your manifestation system may be working just fine. But your belief system may be blocking you from accepting, experiencing, and receiving all that the universe has in store for you.

This special edition Subliminal Manifestation DVD teaches your unconscious mind to shift that around, to make your reticular activating system open up and train it to work with the natural flow of giving and receiving. This DVD works with both your conscious and unconscious mind to open you up to giving and receiving all that the abundance the universe has in store for you.

The DVD starts with a 25-minute interview with Dr. Rick Barrett and Dr. Joe Vitale about how to open these processes inside yourself. Both Dr. Barrett and Dr. Vitale were in a heightened state of bliss during this interview, as it was conducted on top of sacred Macchu Picchu in Peru. Watch as their positive energy flows out, inspiring you consciously to understand this critical flow of giving and receiving.

The next segment is a spectacular, moving 20-minute piece filmed in Macchu Picchu. Watching this video of nature’s beautiful, sacred abundance, coupled with a special musical piece composed specifically for this video, opens you up to levels of ancient understanding deep within you.

You might see little flickers on the subliminal. They are just a little faster than your conscious mind can grasp, but not too fast for your unconscious. In this way, we bypass the conscious mind’s objections and blocks, and you will gently stir the deeper understanding of the cycle of giving and receiving within you. Hypnotist Mark J. Ryan’s smooth hypnotic voice guides you through this special 20-minute video. Mark’s expertise in hypnosis, NLP, and subliminal video skills encourage your RAS to begin opening and seeing the abundance and wealth you already have in so many areas of your life. As you watch and use this video, you will begin to see your world through new eyes… eyes that begin to believe and see that you are always getting all that you deserve and desire… by learning how to properly receive.

The bonus to this learning: as you start to receive more, it amplifies your manifesting. As you open and receive more, it adds to your own experience, thus changing your experience, which also solidifies your new belief systems.

Now here is the bonus from this process. As you start to see and receive more…it amplifies your manifesting. So it becomes a very powerful manifesting loop.

I am sure you have heard the saying, “The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Well that is the result of a receiving feedback loop. In one loop, you are open and receive more… in the latter, you don’t believe you should receive more and so you receive less.

When you receive plenty and more than sufficient supply, you then are more open to giving because you have more to give, and the desire to give increases as well.

So now you have a system that both pushes and pulls in the same direction. How much faster do you expect things to improve in your life when you have one engine pushing and another pulling in the same direction? When you’ve been living with two engines pulling in opposite directions, the improvement will feel dramatic.

If you have that much energy working for you, why not have it work in the same direction?

The video includes:

  • a 4 minute introduction
  • the 25 minute interview Between Dr. Rick Barrett and Dr. Joe Vitale
  • the 20 minute Master Subliminal “Clearing blocks to Receiving” video
  • As a bonus, Dr. Rick Barrett is giving away his wonderful Give to Live book on which this special DVD is based. It also includes Dr Joe Vitale’s Greatest Money Making Secret in History book. Download instructions available on the video!

Order now and start seeing all that is yours that is right in front of you!

Dr. Rick Barrett, Dr. Joe Vitale, and Mark Ryan donate a portion of the proceeds of every sale of Subliminal Manifestation: Give to Live to charities to help those less fortunate.


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