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The Secret Meditation DVD is finally here!

Get ready to change your life in a very unique way.

There is an ancient meditation that has been passed down through the ages. You’ve probably never heard of it. You’ve probably never used it. You have never experienced anything quite like it. You might not even fully understand the principles behind the meditation.

But it works in ways that some call miraculous.

It’s been kept a secret by those who know of its power. It’s helped others gain success in areas of their life… areas you might be struggling with.

Do you look around you and feel inferior because of others’ success? Does it feel that perhaps your life is not in alignment with your divine birthright of abundance and wealth, harmony and happiness, success, emotional well-being, peace of mind, and divine purpose?

The Secret Meditation: The Magical Frequency holds the key.

It allows you to tap into the power of who you really are. Your divine birthright. Your ability to manifest your desires.

Why would you want to use this meditation?

Because it is one of the main secrets to success that you haven’t experienced before.

  • Success with Money and business
  • Success in relationships
  • Success in health
  • Success in emotional wellbeing and peace of mind
  • And more

My name is Mark J. Ryan, and I’ve been helping people get clear to their success and divine birthright for over two decades. I learned at a very young age that the power of creation was in our minds, and I dedicated my life’s work to helping people uncover their divine birthright through the techniques of hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming, and other modalities of energetic healing.

I’ve studied meditation for years. I’ve also studied and worked with incredibly successful people. No matter their belief system, religion, type of business, I have found commonalities. These patterns of success are fairly easy to identify once you’ve seen them in practice.

Even Jony Ives, the leader of the design team at Apple Computer, during a recent interview said that these traits were part of what made Steve Jobs a successful innovator.

This ancient meditation distills the practice of these success patterns into something you can actually install into your mindset. These patterns are learned. Whether successful people learn them in childhood or adulthood doesn’t matter. You’re never too old or too young to begin training your mind for success.

You could start today with this DVD program. You could begin training your mind over the next 30 days to install the patterns of success into your consciousness, into your mindset. You could begin running those programs sooner rather than later.

But you have to want to let go of what is in the way of you and your success.

Do you have these traits? Is success important to you? Do you want to live a more abundant life?

If you’re not experience extreme abundance in your life, there is something missing. It’s not something that you can likely pinpoint: your belief systems often get in the way of identifying where you are lacking.

Over the weekend, I went on a hike at a lake near my home in Mount Shasta, California. Because we have not received much rain this year, the water levels were really low. I walked with my wife and our dog down to an area of the lake that is usually covered by 20-30 feet of water. The lack of water had exposed something abundant in a sandy beach that was quite peaceful and beautiful, hidden away from the more trafficked areas of the lake.

Even with so much lack… in the form of lack of water… there was so much abundance there.

If you were there with me, you could have seen it and felt it, too. But if you don’t experience it, you might never feel the abundance that is around you. Yes, it’s everywhere. Even when you are experiencing so much lack of love, abundance, wealth, health, or whatever it is you are trying to create, there is still an abundance that is waiting for you to discover it’s mysteries.

But if you can’t see it because your belief systems are so locked into seeing “lack of water,” you’ll never find that hidden beach and it’s treasures.

Your mind holds the key to your abundance, if you will let go of what isn’t true.

When you harness the power of your mind, nothing can stop you. In fact, when you align three very important principles in your mind, the universe seems to conspire for you, aligning all aspects of your experience, your consciousness, and your reality for your success. These three elements are:

  1. Attention. The key pattern that creates success — or failure — for everyone is how you manage your attention. What things do you pay attention to during the course of a day? Successful people have a learned skill of managing their attention. This skill, combined with the other elements of The Magical Frequency creates an ability to manifest success easily.
  2. Focus. Can you keep distractions out? Can you find what you want, and then with laser-beam precision, focus on your goal to the detriment of all distraction? Successful people have an inexplicable ability to remain focused on their goal no matter what distraction comes up. They aren’t distracted by fear, “what if,” or even thoughts of failure. They focus like a laser beam on their goal.
  3. Trust. Do you trust your experience, your life, your universe? Can you trust in yourself, can you trust in the Divine, do you trust in your environment? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason, and you’re on the ride of a lifetime towards your goal? Successful people trust that they can do it, and if they don’t think they can, they trust in their ability to get answers, to get things done, to find answers and make connections. Trust is an innate part of the Magical Frequency.

The Magical Frequency Makes Magic Happen

How many times have you heard someone say, “I thought they would never do it.” Or, “I said he was crazy, but she did it!”

Mankind was not meant to fly. Humans could never break the 4-minute mile. Man was never meant to travel in space. No one will ever buy electric cars.

But someone believed. They trusted in the possible. They knew. And they focused. They managed their attention. And miracles happen.

If you are not experiencing these kinds of miracles in your life, there is nothing wrong with you. You are like so many others on planet earth. But I will tell you something: extreme success is not only possible, it is your birthright.

  • Are you tired of pushing and trying to force and motivate yourself into getting what you want?
  • Are you tired of using force instead of power to get things going your way?
  • Are you ready to start leveraging your power, instead of wearing yourself out with trying to force things to happen?

The miracle you are looking for is waiting for you to open to it. And these tools help you leverage your own individual Magical Frequency to ensure the extreme success you’re looking for.

It’s time you learned.

It’s time you learned how to tap into your own internal GPS, your own magical frequency. The Secret Meditation: The Magical Frequency is the key that will open this for you.

You’ve Been Programmed to Fail

All of those distractions are programmed within you to keep you from success. There are forces that would rather you give up your magical frequency for their own. If you are not running your own internal GPS, you’re running someone else’s program, you’re building someone else’s dream. You’re playing it safe, and you’re not taking any risks. You don’t trust. You lose focus. You begrudgingly give up your own dreams for the immediate need of a bill to be paid.

There are primal programs running in your mind that strive to keep you safe. These primal programs were there to keep you safe from sabertooth tigers, but all they do now in the modern world is keep you from taking risks for your success. The Magical Frequency has no fear. It is full of trust that the answers and the path will always be there as a guide. The Magical Frequency is always attuned to your own highest and best good.

Quiet the Voices Impeding your Success

The first thing we must do is to quiet those voices so you can hear another voice…a still small voice that will project new images on the screen of your mind. The safe images of who you really are and are meant to be.

While you will most likely notice a difference the first time you use The Secret Meditation by the end of the first week you will notice a big difference and by 30 days you will begin to live the life you knew you were meant to live.

And to be honest, I don’t know what that will be for you. Only you, and your higher self and the Divine really know what success is for you. That success is yours and yours alone. To someone else, that success will be failure. But you will know.

Think about your friend who wanted to be a successful painter. They had so much talent, so much ability, yet because art was failure to someone influential in their life, they chose to be a doctor instead. They’re miserable and maybe they even resent being a doctor. Maybe they’re not even a successful doctor, or maybe they are. But think what happens when they turn their attention towards what they really want. When the begin to focus. When they begin to trust.

I have experienced this myself and have seen it happened with many others. Each getting an inner gift of themselves in ways they never imagined before.

Many of my clients have completely changed the direction of their lives after this meditation because they realized who they were and how far off course they had been living. They discovered the difference between their internal GPS, the Magical Frequency, and the false, programmed inner voices. They started to learn how they were programmed by others who only had their best interests at heart. And they began to open up to something within themselves that had their best intentions in mind from the very beginning.

Get back on track!…It is never too late.. to find out who you are and what you are supposed to be doing.

The Secret Meditation is a simple but very very powerful meditation that will unblock your Magical Frequency. The Secret Meditation uncovers the distractions for what they really are. It exposes the bad programming so you can let go of it for good. It opens you up to a fresh screen in your mind on which your true inner knowing can begin to show through and guide you to your own personal best and highest good.

Here is what you will get in this amazing DVD of the true Ancient Secret Meditation

  • Instructional video. The 29-minute instructional video explains how to do the meditation. I take the meditation apart completely and teach you piece by piece how to do it for best results. I really slow it down and give you insight on what to expect and what incredible mystical things may begin to happen right away.
  • Pre- Talk. This 3-minute audio Where I give you some mental and emotional frame works and tips to get the most from the Secret Meditation
  • The Secret Meditation Exercise. (14 minute Audio). The exercise is about 10 minutes long when you get used to doing it. In this version I slow it down a bit so you can get used to it. I guide you through the step by step process and what to do with your attention. I also guide you how to bring your attention back to the exercise when you get caught into other thinking.
  • Staying with the Magical Frequency. This 20:09 audio is a relaxing meditation that keeps guiding your attention to stay in the Magical Frequency and the present. It is meant to be listened to right after you do The Secret Meditation. I have set up the DVD to play so you can continue to listen to The Secret Meditation and then the Magical Frequency without having to open your eyes. (Of course you are more than welcome to open your eyes anytime you like.)
  • Complementary video series. As a bonus, I have included 17 short beautiful mystical video and audio meditations (54 Minutes total playing time) you can listen to at any time. You can listen to them one at a time if you have favorites. Or I have set up the DVD to play all of the 17 videos all in a row without interruption. All 17 videos range from 2-5 minutes in length and have a meditation on a certain subject such as Love and Forgiveness, Balance, Responsibility.
  • Recursive video explanation. The 2nd Bonus is a 43-minute in-depth explanation of how and why The Secret Meditation works. This video is loaded with information and is meant to be recursive. Here is what I mean by recursive…..there is information in the explanation that will only make sense when you have experienced the Magical frequency. Then when you go back and watch it again it will have new meaning for you. Then you go back and do the meditation again and now the meditation will be new and different. Then when you go back to the in-depth explanation, it just keeps expanding. This expansive experience will complement your own expansion in space and time and possibility. Expand and learn things about yourself and who you really are you never dreamed imaginable!
  • Immediate download of all videos and a DVD shipped to you! (Free shipping to U.S. and Canada!)

I want you to experience this and then share it with others as gifts and presents. If you buy more than 5, there is special pricing available. Just write us at bulkorders@maximumclaritymedia.com to get special pricing.

If you would like to purchase The Secret Meditation DOWNLOAD only, you can do that, too!

I feel we are at a time in the world that the more people who live buy their own Magical frequency and do The Secret Meditation… we have a chance to really shift this reality to make it more exciting for our children who have not yet come here.

Also available on DVD

The Secret Meditation is also available on DVD. If you buy the DVD, you get the downloads, free of charge, too.

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  1. Marshall R.

    At first I didn’t think much of the meditation. Sure, it’s relaxing and it helped me get rid of a lot of worries. I had to trust Mark that if I kept doing it, that something big would happen. It finally clicked. I have a lot of stressedout people around me on a regular basis. It is just part of the job. It used to get to me lot. Since working with this meditation I have started to be able to stay calm and centered when other people used to get me stressed. So it is definitely changing something in me.

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