Subliminal Manifestation: Forgiveness and Love


For an updated process for forgiveness and love, check out the Secret Meditation: Timeless Forgiveness and Love.

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Dramatically Speed Up Your Manifestation Process!
… and it’s as easy as watching TV!

Yes, that’s right. This DVD will help you remove Negative Emotional Vibrations™ and soar to the heights of manifestation you were meant to enjoy.

Negative Emotional Vibrations™ or NEV’s™ are like the sandbags or tethers that keeps a hot air balloon from rising because of their weight. Once you begin to throw the sandbags out or loosen the tethers of the hot air balloon’s basket, the balloon begins to rise and soar as it was designed to!

In the same way, as you begin to heal the Negative Emotional Vibrations™ or NEV’s™ in your life, you become lighter and your vibrations rise. This new energy that is freed up begins to attract and manifest more of your goals, wants and desires into your life.

At the same time, you feel better because your personal emotional vibrations have risen.

So how does this DVD do such an amazing thing?

Joe Vitale & Mark J. Ryan are both Masters in the arts of Ericksonian Hypnosis And Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing practice.

Knowing the power of both of these arts individually, Joe & Mark one day pondered using these two very powerful healing arts together to take apart Negative Emotional Vibrations™ or NEV’s™.

“We could tell Hypnotic stories using the methods of the Great hypnotic Healer Milton H. Erickson, and at the same time infuse the stories with the Incredible Healing Power of the Ancient Hawaiian Secret art of Ho’oponopono!”

That was the beginning of this DVD.

Now, if you add to the Hypnotic Ericksonian Stories & Ho’oponopono:

NEW and effective techniques of Visual SUBLIMINALS — THAT WORK! Developed from Mark J. Ryan’s years of study on subliminals and his recent Successful work with Dr. Kevin Hogan ( on subliminals that have dramatically added to Mark’s knowledge on the subject of Visual Subliminals.

Auditory Subliminals (added to the Ho’oponopono)

Incredible healing music composed especially for this DVD by a Spiritual Music Master and Shaman from Peru

Beautiful Pictures & Video within the DVD to capture your imagination and induce states of Love & Forgiveness

Powerful NLP processes that help you release the Negative Emotional Vibrations (NEV’s)

A special bonus trance designed by one of world’s best therapists, Dr. John Burton (

Put it all together …and you have all the leverage you need to go to the next level of Manifestation….NOW!

*Please Note:

The Video’s within were designed differently than what you may watch at the Movies or on TV. There are certain intentional distractions within that are meant to be there. Please pay attention to your response when you see them because this is an important point of letting forgiveness in….

Your healing will be effortless if you don’t fight it. So relax, allow, and let go.

Peace is yours.

Inside the DVD:

A clear 10 minute video introduction to the process and how it works

Hypnotic Ericksonian Story From Dr. Joe Vitale on his recent trip to Maui, Hawaii. “Joe’s Magical Maui Story” This is a touching & dynamic story from Joe about being in the “Perfect State” to Manifest your Dreams! You will feel that state within yourself as Joe tells the story, and then you will know the optimal state to manifest from.

Long trance from Mark J. Ryan incorporating Dr. Burton’s Special Bonus. Hypnotic healing story “Leaves Fore-giving.” This video will help you release deep issues that keep you from rising to new levels. This video clears deep unconscious patterns that you may not even know are still in you. However, you will know for certain when those patterns leave: something is different and you feel lighter. As you watch this spectacular video from the “Finger Lakes” area of Upstate New York, you’ll open your experience and invite a new perspective into your life.

Dr. Joe Vitale does his “Magic” with storytelling in the video ” The Secret of Success.” Listen as Joe tells a story of an encounter between two people, one very successful and powerful, and another seeking to find out how to become successful and powerful. Joe reveals “The Secret to Success.” This video contains beautiful, serene visuals of the glorious flowers of Florida.

You can choose how to watch these videos, the introduction and three individual videos of varying length. No matter which video you choose to watch at different times, you can rest assured that the technology will help you release Negative Emotional Vibrations ™ and open your life to the next level of manifestation.

You now have one of the MOST POWERFUL tools ever developed to bring your Manifestation Process to the Quantum Level. The only thing you need to bring is an open mind. Then sit back, relax and enjoy… that’s it!

We’ll do the rest for you!

Both Dr. Joe Vitale’s & Mark J. Ryan’s Intention’s are to help you to release all of the Negative Emotional Vibrations ™ that are holding you back, and for you to soar to the levels in life that you were meant to enjoy!

14 reviews for Subliminal Manifestation: Forgiveness and Love

  1. Sheri Rowland


    Watching “The Subliminal Manifestation” series has been incredible for me. The visuals are so relaxing and bring a sense of graceful gratitude into my being while know that the subliminals are reprogramming my mind while I enjoy it. I have been watching it for about 3 weeks now and I feel a new sense of peace, balance and can tell that my energy is at a much higher level. My gratitude level has exploded! Thank you so much Mark and Joe. It is excellent!

  2. A. Rodriguez


    Last week I had promised to send you a short bio, and answer a few questions in order to see if you would be willing to help me eliminate some blocks I have been experiencing. Well, I am happy to report a few things have taken place since our last communication.

    The day I contacted you via email I decided to order two DVD’s from the subliminal manifestation series you and Joe put together (Love and Forgiveness and the Attracting wealth one).

    I DONT KNOW What in God’s name you guys did there but those DVD’s are UNBELIEVABLE! The first time after I watched the forgiveness one all this stuff started coming up that I was not even remotely aware of. I found myself getting angry for no reason, and things have just been coming up left and right.

    I have been working on eliminating the limitations by watching it every single day, alternating between the different programs (Maui, Florida, and forgivness) and the results are just uncanny.

    I got two new clients last week and many many new prospects.

    Mark, I want to thank you, for considering helping me on a one to one basis. I understand that you are very busy and I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your time but the truth is I no longer need it!

    Apparently the intention to help and my desire have been enough to break the blockages.

    Once again THANK YOU!

  3. Colette Streicher

    Hi Mark,

    I absolutely loved the DVD. I especially enjoyed to walk up the mountain story. I watched it with my husband, and he is usually not patient with personal growth material, but he watched with me and enjoyed it too. We both felt very relaxed afterwards.

    The pictures were beautiful, and the stories were inspiring.

    Thanks so much.

  4. John Wingert


    Subliminal Manifestation Volume 1 is Awesome! We shared this DVD with our friends over Thanksgiving weekend. Everyone enjoyed the video. For some reason, everyone got along great, conversations were much more brighter than usual, and the typical holiday stresses didn’t even show up. Of course, you and I both know why. You and Joe did a great job! I can’t wait until your next release!

  5. Rev. Martha A. Snee, MBA, MSC

    I’d been meaning to write to you and the time has come, regarding this fantastic product!

    I’d bought the DVD on Love and Forgiveness a few weeks before and decided to “treat” myself to staying home Christmas Eve, in spite of a variety of invites…and enjoy my own company. I popped in the DVD and am grateful for its lingering effects. Like an eraser on the chalkboard of my brain, it was like erasing the programs in my head… Elegantly and truly… Afterwards I can’t remember when I experienced a deeper, full-bodied sleep. It was a sublime present to awake to true Peace on Earth, inside and outside of me, on Christmas Day! WOW! People even said they noticed a difference in my energy! I now play it as needed to keep up the momentum.

    While I’m an advanced Master Practitioner of NLP and a Certified Hynotherapist and have been privy to various modalities and programs, I can truly say this very advanced technology combined with Ho’oponopono, did the trick & there’s nothing like it!

    Can’t wait for you to come out with the others! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…I love you!

  6. Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA

    Subliminal Manifestation Vol 1 Forgiveness & Love is absolutely beautiful. I watched it only once because I gave it to a close friend who just had a brain injury while para-gliding. He needs it desperately. So does his wife caring for him. She tells me it helps them and they are most grateful. I will soon get it back and enjoy it myself.

  7. Susan Cook

    As you know, I couldn’t wait to see the DVD at the seminar. It really helped me to relieve grief issues that I have concerning the passing of my son. I continue to watch the DVD, especially the Magical Maui part, sometimes once a day. I am continuing to change and have more even emotions and less depression than I can ever remember. My business has improved and my energy level has increased as well. Thank you so much for making this DVD, it has changed my life for the better.

  8. Tim Hodgson

    This DVD was an incredible experience – the combination of stunning visuals, relaxing music and both auditory and visual subliminals really works in taking the viewer to the next level of release. I found negative emotions and experiences fall away as the clearing process released me to step forward into a whole new flow of energy that I am certain is moving me towards my goals and desires.

    Very cool indeed!

  9. Lynda A. Pickard

    I went a cruise a few weeks ago and decided to purchase your Subliminal Maninfestation Love and Forgiveness DVD to take along. So, I brought along a portable DVD player and my girlfriend and I made it a part of our daily “do something good for me” stuff. You’ve got an awesome hypnotic voice; your story really puts me in a nice state of trance! As a matter of fact, I have played it at my office for a couple of friends, and one of them went out immediately and bought it! So I just wanted to say “Great Job!” I have really enjoyed it!

  10. K. Sanderson

    Mark & Joe:

    I had some amazing results with the “Love and Forgiveness” DVD. Watching the DVD just a few times opened me up for new experiences I couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried. I feel like my life is on a new course with amazing opportunities opening for me every day.

    I didn’t think it was possible to have more dramatic effects than those I experienced with the first volume, but the “Increase Sales” DVD did exactly that. Within a week of watching the DVD, I had three new high-quality projects land in my lap without even pursuing them. The DVD is very easy to watch.

    Most importantly, I am astounded at its effectiveness.

  11. Cynthia McCarthy

    I… decided to buy The Subliminal Manifestation Series Volume – 1 Forgiveness & Love. I watched all areas of the DVD many times. Then one night, I had an amazing breakthrough. I am an incest survivor. My step-father was the perpetrator. After watching the Forgiveness & Love DVD, I wholeheartedly forgave him and anyone who might have been knowingly or unknowingly allowed this to happen to a little girl. I went through 3 years of therapy to overcome this and it took the Forgiveness & Love DVD to actually really start to change things.

    The burden of caring this inner crap was crushing me. It was such a relief to release all of that so I could go on with my life. This is a very powerful DVD and I look forward to the next one. Thank you for all your time and effort in making a such a helpful DVD.

  12. Debra Berndt, CHt

    As a hypnotherapist, I am deeply familiar of the power of the subconscious mind. I purchased both the Love and Forgiveness and the Increase Sales DVDs. I watched them daily for 30 days. During that time, I not only saw my online sales increase 260%, my clients were getting better results as I said “I love you” silently in my mind while working with them, AND I was offered a regular monthly spot on our local news station here in Denver (which resulted in even MORE sales).

    My favorite track is the one where we go on the boat throughout Miami. I love the water, the beautiful homes and the messages. The information stays with me all day and acts as a reminder to say “I love you.” Whenever I get a chance, I pop them in a relax and enjoy the “cleaning” I receive. I think I am going to watch it again right now! Thanks again, the money I spent on the DVDs is a small investment compared to the return I received.

  13. Mary Baldwin

    I really needed emotional healing last night. I remembered to play the DVD, Subliminal Manifestation Series: Love and Forgiveness. I fell asleep after watching 3 segments of it and had an amazingly powerful dream. In this dream, I actually experienced myself as a completely electrically energized person zooming about. All around me were other people watching over me to see how I was integrating this new energy. I felt absolutely wonderful and was ecstatically happy. I’m not crazy even though this sounds a little way out there.

    I sincerely asked The Divine to release and transform those energies within me that were keeping me from being who I wanted to be. I asked for a transformative healing, fully believing that this process of hypnotic suggestion would work in conjunction with the “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you”. And work it did, waaaay beyond my wildest dream!

    I want you to know that this is a first, a first of many more to come, I hope. It had to be due to the forgiving energy suggestions in this hypnotic DVD.

    I cannot forget the freedom and joy I felt. It is as you suggested, the weight of the negativity that I felt was lifted and I was able to soar into the Love that I am. Looking forward to the next trip.

    Untethered and Happy.

  14. Lisa Figaredo

    I am only two days with the last two dvd’s I’ve selected from you and Mark Ryan’s works. There are tears in my eyes when I write how grateful I am for this that you shared.

    I have been one of those constant seekers. I’ve done a lot of it. The fire walking, the endless books, tapes, seminars, etc. People around me don’t understand me what I’m seeking. I’ve done more self development work and have done many processes to let go of the past.

    Anyway, I wanted to write and tell you that what you are putting forth is transformational. I know you know that but it always feels good right to have someone respond and enormously appreciate.

    I could go on and on but I will just leave it that I can feel the difference of energy. No anger at anyone. Only forgiveness and love. Doesn’t mean a despot would be able to continue. Only means peace.

    Also, I have watched the Secret no less than 100 times, I bought about 20 copies and give them out as gifts all the time.

    Thank you. I Love You.

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