Subliminal Manifestation: Increase Sales


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Subliminal Manifestation Vol. 2: Increase Sales

This very special DVD provides some of the most powerful ways to dramatically increase your ability to manifest sales numbers of your dreams.

We are at an amazing point in history for salespeople.

Gone are the days of manipulation and techniques to persuade and influence people against their wills.

Today’s customers expect a level of quality in sales when purchasing products ranging from electronics to housing. Your future customers will have even higher standards.

Detroit learned the lessons of not paying attention to quality years ago, and they are still trying to recover today. In the same respect, those companies, corporations, and individuals currently using manipulation to sell, will be left behind as others who adopt new, quality sales techniques excel. Today’s successful salesperson will upgrade to the new paradigm in selling excellence to skyrocket their sales efforts ahead of the pack.

So what does that mean to you?

It means you have a HUGE opportunity to rise very quickly to the top by applying the ideas outlined in this very DVD.

Joe, Mark & Kirsten will teach you these new skills and help you integrate it within yourself. You’ll learn how to give your customers the type of quality sales and service that the new age of buyers want and need!

This video contains:

    • A short introduction explaining how the video works.
    • Two videos written and narrated by Dr. Joe Vitale( Joe reveals deep secrets learned over his successful 25 years sales career that has made him a recognized name around the world. Joe’s success didn’t happen by chance. Because he left many bread crumbs along the way, he can now share these powerful techniques with you. Dr. Vitale will teach you three words that will skyrocket your selling!
    • One video narrated by Mark J. Ryan ( Mark details the mental and emotional game of selling. Mark has been selling for over 25 years. He also adds his years of coaching and therapy work to be able to understand what really goes on in the minds and emotions of great sales people, as well as their prospects.
    • And A big BONUS on this video: One story written and narrated by Kirsten Farris ( Kirsten has been a sales consultant for many years. During her successful sales career, Kirsten made over $100,000 by the time she was 30 and over $250,000 soon after that. Kirsten’s experience includes her role as a Sr. Vice President of Marketing for GE Capital where she worked with business start ups setting up their sales call processes. Kirsten knows her stuff, and she knows how to teach it to you.


Join us as we lead the field in the exciting changing times of sales by offering the quality that your customers desire and deserve.


6 reviews for Subliminal Manifestation: Increase Sales

  1. K. Sanderson

    Mark & Joe:

    I had some amazing results with the “Love and Forgiveness” DVD. Watching the DVD just a few times opened me up for new experiences I couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried. I feel like my life is on a new course with amazing opportunities opening for me every day.

    I didn’t think it was possible to have more dramatic effects than those I experienced with the first volume, but the “Increase Sales” DVD did exactly that. Within a week of watching the DVD, I had three new high-quality projects land in my lap without even pursuing them. The DVD is very easy to watch.

    Most importantly, I am astounded at its effectiveness.

  2. Wesley Kemp

    I Love this DVD!

    Not only did I learn what it is that I do when I am selling at the top of my game, I also learned how to add some amazing new ways to jump my sales. It makes so much sense the way it is described in the video. And because it makes so much sense, I can know exactly what to do anytime my game is slipping, if it ever does again.
    I will watch this video many times.

    Thank You!

  3. George Thomas

    My sales have increased. I ordered both the subliminal manfestation DVDs as soon as they were available. May was a new indoor and outdoor record (my first > $3,000 net paycheck ever!) in sales. Anyway, I did want to send a hearty “AtaWayToGo!” and order whatever you have next as soon as it becomes available.

    Seriously, I very much appreciate your approach. With all the phony-baloney hype from folks trying to attach themselves to the buzz related to The Secret, I find your programs (and books, I’ve read a few) honest and effective. I write “God bless you” and I know it is happening. Thanks, guys. Really.

  4. Debra Berndt, CHt

    As a hypnotherapist, I am deeply familiar of the power of the subconscious mind. I purchased both the Love and Forgiveness and the Increase Sales DVDs. I watched them daily for 30 days. During that time, I not only saw my online sales increase 260%, my clients were getting better results as I said “I love you” silently in my mind while working with them, AND I was offered a regular monthly spot on our local news station here in Denver (which resulted in even MORE sales).

    My favorite track is the one where we go on the boat throughout Miami. I love the water, the beautiful homes and the messages. The information stays with me all day and acts as a reminder to say “I love you.” Whenever I get a chance, I pop them in a relax and enjoy the “cleaning” I receive. I think I am going to watch it again right now! Thanks again, the money I spent on the DVDs is a small investment compared to the return I received.

  5. Michael McCleve

    As soon as Increase Sales arrived I watched it. Then, I watched it again and again. As I went out on my next series of seminars, I watched the DVD as I sat in the airport waiting for my flight. I watched it again after I arrived in my hotel room. The next day, my sales numbers were off the charts! I not only set a personal best, but I made it to the company’s “honor roll” for sales that week!

    Over the course of the next several months, I watched the DVD as I travelled. My sales increased from dismal numbers to stellar numbers. I exceeded all my own expectations and began receiving compliments from people in the Products & Sales Department for the company I was contracted with. I experienced a 265% increase in sales. There were days that I just couldn’t believe what happening, it was so incredible.

    During all that time, I didn’t do anything different in my presentation, except for constantly and consistently doing my best to mentally say, “I love you,” all the time. There is no question at all that my improvements and increases came as a direct result of watching the DVD, Increase Sales.

    Thanks, Joe & Mark for such a marvelous tool and guide!

  6. Mona Antia

    I have to say initially I was skeptical on purchasing the subliminal DVDs. But upon a friend encouragment, I purchased the Love and Forgiveness DVD. I must say this is one of the best investment decisions I have ever made! I did not have to be coaxed to buy Increase Sales. It is a RITUAL (just like praying every night) in my house to have the DVD on just as I get into bed. I have no trouble sleeping, and when I do, I sleep like a baby.

    My entire life has changed. I am more aware of what I want to do. I have started to get into the right circles and am working on starting our own business. Needless to say, my husband Adil authomatically gets the benefit of me viewing the DVDs every night. He is also thinking differently and enhancing his quality of life. After many years of differences, we are finally seeing eye to eye and moving in the same direction!

    Thank you for a life changing and enriching experience! Our Religion is based on 3 tenets and preaches Good Thoughs, Good Words and Good Deeds. You are making this world a better place by teaching exactly that!

    Thank You!

    A very Grateful student

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