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Clearing to Zero


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Clear your unconscious mind so the Divine can create more love, abundance, and happiness in your life… and in the world.

If you have worked with ho’oponopono in the past, you know the amazing power that the process of clearing your unconscious has. You’ve probably had some experiences of miracles occur in your life simply by repeating the four phrases: I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I am sorry.

Clearing to Zero is very powerful program that takes the ho’oponopono process one step further. Using tools from NeuroScience, Spiritual practices including ho’opnonpono, NLP and hypnosis, Clearing to Zero creates a dreamlike trance state that allows you to open to the miracle of YOUR life.

I’ve been working with ho’oponopono myself since the 1990s. My teacher and mentor, John Overdurf, taught me the process of “making things right” and how it is used in healing relationships. Since then, I’ve been learning more about ho’oponopono, spiritual practices, as well as the cutting edge work in neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis.

Machu Picchu Clearing to Zero

One of our best customers actually asked for a product likeClearing to Zero. He really just wanted a simple product that would allow him to have the four ho’oponopono phrases playing in the background on a loop so he could continuously clear his unconscious. After some testing and practice, we came up with something even better. Clearing to Zero incorporates a four phrase video, but it also has a lot more.

Carmel Beach - Clearing to Zero

We asked people from around the world to say the four phrases, keeping a clearing intention in their mind as they said the phrases. The audio contains the four phrases repeated in multiple languages. Some you may recognize, others you may not. The intent and the power, however, is there working on your unconscious data whether your conscious mind understands it or not.

In fact, as we were working on the project, we started to find the unrecognized languages would repeat in our unconscious, even when we didn’t have the DVD going. It was as if the foreign languages had bypassed our analytical conscious mind so that the clearing phrases could go to work unencumbered on our unconscious mind… right where the unconscious blocks existed.

I had a few friends watch this DVD when I completed it. My partner said:

“After watching this DVD, I was in an altered state for quite a few hours. The whole day seemed like a blur. The next day, however, I began to see everything in my life in a new way. I saw everything and everyone through the eyes of unconditional love and acceptance. I’ve watched all of Mark’s DVDs. This is by far the most powerful.” – Kathy Zant

balloons over shasta

The benefits I’ve heard from others include:

  • Relaxation. “I felt more at peace.”
  • Connection. “I felt more connected to my intuitive self, spirit, the divine.”
  • Trust. “I felt a greater trust that I am doing the right things in my life.”
  • Fearless. “I knew in my body, spirit and mind that i am supported by god and the universe.”
  • On purpose. “I felt that I am living life on purpose, doing the right things, on the right path.”
  • Clarity. “I felt clarity in my purpose here on earth. There was no questioning.”

The challenges and blocks we face in the modern world can be overwhelming. Our protective, fear-based limbic system can override our best intentions, causing us to act in ways that limit our life experiences. We end up in hurtful, degrading, and limited situations because of the fear-based data we’ve accumulated over time. It isn’t our fault. It is just data we’ve accumulated to protect ourselves from both real and perceived threats in the world.

However, this is not how we truly are. Separation is the illusion.

carmel - clearing to zero

Clearing to Zero moves you beyond that limited life experience. Using magical music, state-of-the-art visual effects, and powerful hypnotic language, Clearing to Zeromoves you beyond limitation into the Zero State where all things are possible and where miracles occur.

This program includes:

  • Over 4.5 hours of exercises, music, meditation and a clearing audio and video
  • Over 87 minutes of magical, inspirational video including video from:
    • Machu Picchu, Peru
    • Carmel, California area
    • Hot air balloons over Mt. Shasta
    • Chinese Lanterns on the California coast
  • A brand-new 45 minute Advanced Inner Child Meditation. Incorporating the latest research in neuroscience, the advanced inner child meditation facilitates learning and changing, making healing easier, faster, and more profound. This Advanced Inner Child Meditation builds upon the spiritual work of the meditation on Subliminal Clearing, however, it contains new processes that open up your unconscious ability to make life better, more attuned to your Divine purpose.
  • Fourteen healing metaphors from Dr. John Burton, one of the most gifted therapists in the world (and my own personal therapist and coach). Dr. Burton’s healing metaphors are incredibly powerful. Listening to a 4 minute metaphor can shift you towards a more divinely inspired life experience. Imagine what 45 minutes can do for you! These healing metaphors are designed to open you to the experience of reconnecting with the Divinity that you are. That reconnection begins the process of making life decisions that are more attuned to your Source self. Doing so creates an opportunity for a more peaceful and profound life experience.
  • Teo Kim Merlino’s amazing inspired music written to create a state of Divine healing. Feel your mind and body relax and open the minute you hear these expansive compositions. When I told Teo about the project, he asked me if he could have the privilege of working on the project. I asked how much he wanted to do, and he said, “All of it!” Teo is a gifted musician and healer. People come from all around to work with him here in Mount Shasta, California. His expertise in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and other modalities make him a much sought after healer by those who know. Teo’s intention to create healing through music comes through loud and clear on Clearing to Zero. As you listen to the music, your unconscious works to let go of the data you’ve been carrying for so very long.
  • Seventy-four minutes of cleaning phrases. “I Love You. I am Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You.” in 16 different languages spoken by 30 different people. The foreign languages bypass your unconscious resistance, allowing you to relax into healing at an unconscious level knowing that the work is being done on many levels with encouragement from and connection with people around the world.
  • Clearing to Zero has variety and flexibility to work in ways that best suit your own style. This program is set up so you could listen to these audios 7 different ways! I made the Cleaning phrases both soft-spoken and audible so you can either listen to all 74 minutes with the music in the foreground and the cleaning phrases in the background…or hear the cleaning phrases for 74 minutes clearly in the foreground and the music in the back ground.
  • Turn your computer or audio player into a perpetual clearing machine! Use the videos and audio as background while you work, read, or even do your housework. When you are done for the day, just hit the “Menu” button on your remote and it will go back to the main menu page.

Teo Kim Merlino in Mount Shasta, CA

I have included Several Bonuses for you as well. I have also included:

The Original Advanced Inner Child Meditation (20 minutes) In this edition it has Teo’s new music and you get to watch the new videos while listening to it. People from all over the world have commented on how this Meditation exercise has changed their lives for the better. As i write this a woman came up to me in the Mt Shasta city Park and asked if i was Mark Ryan and was it me who did the Inner Child Mediatation…i said yes with a smile and she grabbed my hand and thanked me. This has happened to me many times in my travels. I’ll let you come up with your own conclusion of why this is so special.

The Quantum Love Experience: 15 minute meditation exercise. This was Originally called “The Quantum Perspective Changer” I use this process all the time in my Coaching and Therapy practice and seminars. This works…Period! You cannot hold an issue in mind and come out of this 15 minute process feeling the same. It will change you. Some of the features of doing this exercise came from Neuro-Science research into Love. What causes the feelings of Love in you. A part of this exercise stimulates the area of your brain that activates the feeling of Love. It also lets you see your problem from perspectives that loosen up the negative hold…and you begin to see it in a more positive light…which takes pressure and stress off of your mind and body. I have also re-worked the audio on this to make it much clearer than the original.

There is also an additional Bonus I will keep a secret. I will say it is from Teo.

Clearing to Zero heals the world by healing you. As your world becomes more attuned to the Divine, you cannot help but experience the Divinity of the world… and the Divinity within yourself.

2 reviews for Clearing to Zero

  1. Saul M.

    Every product that my good friend and teacher Mark J. Ryan releases is pure gold, and ‘Clearing to Zero’ is no exception. Mark is a talented teacher and is loved by eveyone who knows him.

    If you are serious about making a permanent improvement in your life, I suggest that you invest in ‘Clearing to Zero’ and make a point of watching it at least once a week.

  2. Stanley

    This is a really beautiful and lovely DVD. I have enjoyed watching it for quite a while.

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