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Coaching Call 2: Money

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This March 2013 coaching call was 2 hours and 40 minutes of insight into money blocks… and how to break free of them. In this product, you get an MP3 and a PDF including:

  • At least one hour of solid training on the dynamics of what blocks people
  • What is Money? How to see money in a way that immediately changes you relationship to it..in the positive!
  • What shifts do you need to make money…YOUR WAY!
  • Working with the Brain in Partnership to make more money
  • How to FEED your brain for success
  • How to re-frame selling into giving (this makes it fun!)
  • How certain details we all like to avoid can be exactly what is holding you back
  • A group exercise on Wanting and needing money
  • Do you deserve money? If somewhere you don’t feel you deserve it, you won’t get it!
  • And Live on the spot coaching so you can hear how others clear their issues on Money (Just listening to others clear their issues can help you clear some of your own issues that you may not even realize were even there!!!)



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