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Tired? No energy? If you’re not sleeping well, then you have no energy for the next day; and then you feel stressed about feeling tired, so you don’t sleep well again – it’s a vicious cycle. Break that cycle now with Learn to sleep Peacefully Awake Refreshed, another CD in the Learn to Enjoy Your Life™ series by Dr. Edward Leyton.

CD – 1

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – What happens during sleep?
  • Sleep cycles
  • Brain waves
  • Sleep depth

Track 3 – Sleep Hygiene: Getting ready to sleep
  • Developing good sleep habits
  • Tips for worry and preparing for sleep itself

Track 4 – The Power Nap: What it is
  • Describes the power nap and what’s involved
  • When to use and not use the power nap

Track 5 – Learning the Power Nap
  • Takes you through a 20 minute power nap using words and ambient sound

CD – 2

Track 1 – Learning Restful Sleeping
  • A one hour sleep track using positive suggestion, relaxation and ambient sound to bring you to a restful sleeping place, so that you can sleep peacefully and awaken refreshed.

“I have heard my share of these kinds of CDs and these are both outstanding in terms of setting things up for success, presuppositions, and safeguards. In the Learn to Enjoy Your Flight CD, the visual setup is excellent in terms of giving people a representation to work with before they go into a trance and work at the unconscious level later in the CD.

These CDs are very professional at every level – the presentation, the information and the process.”
~ John Overdurf CAH CMH
NLP Master Trainer, Atlanta GA


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