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Subliminal Sleep combines research from many different modalities in creating a powerful, multi-level process to help you fall sleep faster, sleep longer, and awaken rested and ready to greet the day.

After creating the DVD, I had a few friends test the product. Oddly, I didn’t get any immediate responses. I had to press them. Finally, two wrote back and let me know that they couldn’t stay awake during the entire video.

Even my wife said she had a hard time staying awake through it and had slept the whole night without waking for the first time in a long time.

Here is what you will get in the Subliminal Sleep DVD:

  • 20 minute long Subliminal Priming Video. The first 15 minutes of the video has Subliminal Priming. Subliminal Priming is a process that sends messages to your unconscious mind to encourage sleep at a deep level. Subliminal Priming has been proven to work by mainstream researchers to help people sleep better. The video is of stunning waterfalls with incredible special effects to look like you are dreaming while watching it. I also walk you through new neuroscience techniques and meditations that will relax you and encourage a deep night’s sleep. I recommend you watch this video with headphones if you can as it has special binaural music to put you into a receptive state for sleep and the subliminals to be the most effective as possible.
  • Three hypnotic audios for closed-eye process. The other three videos are really audios with a black screen so if you happen to fall asleep there wont be distractions from the video to wake you up. If you do happen to fall asleep while watching the video or audios, I have made a special dark screen that they will go to at the end of each one without any audio or music so you can continue to sleep. When you do wake up, simply hit your enter or ok button and the DVD will go back to the main menu.
  • The three audio-only videos use closed-eye processes from NLP, Meditation, neuroscience, and hypnosis to help clear blocks to sleeping well. At the same time, they use techniques to encourage your mind and body to relax, let go, and sleep soundly. There is also composed music by Kim Merlino and Andy Harrison, music made to enhance restful sleep.
  • I have put everything I know into Subliminal Sleep, to help you and your loved ones get a great night’s sleep. From early feedback, the DVD is doing its job well.
  • As a special bonus I have made the video available for immediate download and a DVD shipped to you. You can buy the downloads only, or you can buy the DVD, pay $3.99 shipping, and I will include the downloads absolutely free.

I want you to start experiencing sound, restful sleep as soon as possible. How about you?


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