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The Quantum Perspective Ho’oponopono Problem Solver is a completely proprietary process Mark uses with his coaching and therapy clients. This process blows away emotional issues that block positive change, the emotional issues that keep people locked away from their own Divine Zero State.

This powerful change tool is perfect for those situations that keep you up at night, situations you might not even know the right answer for, a problem with a loved one, a child, a parent, even a co-worker. A problem with your bank account, a teacher, or a boss. For those situations where you feel stuck, blocked, locked in, or hopeless and devastated.

The Quantum Perspective Ho’oponopono Problem Solver changes all of that. This powerful hypnotic subliminal DVD significantly reduces and eliminates the negative interfering emotions within a few short minutes. When the negative emotional states removed, your focus moves. The data clears and releases.

When you achieve this type of powerful clearing, you come closer to the Divine Zero State where all things are possible… where the doorway appears effortlessly, and you can enter your own personal Divine Zero State.


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