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Reduce stress now and enjoy your life! Digitally recorded, mastered and shrink-wrap packaged with 10 page booklet included. This CD uses several different approaches, allowing you to learn how to relax deeply, so you can turn off your adrenalin pumping nervous system, and turn on the relaxation nervous system.

This is not simply relaxing music, it is a focused, motivating, and outcome-oriented approach to deep relaxation that creates real change.

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2- What Is Stress?

  • How it affects us, how our attitude can change our response

Track 3- Learning to Unwind

  • Relaxation process through breathing focus and autogenic training
  • self-hypnotic deepening process
  • have previously stressful events happen in a relaxed way
  • May be used as a sleep track for mild insomnia by setting on “repeat” mode

Track 4- Alert and Relaxed

  • Brings listener back to an alert yet relaxed state

Additional CD Info

There are many ways of learning to unwind and relax. This CD includes both autogenic training and self-hypnosis. Autogenic Training, rather than progressive muscle relaxation, is used because the former uses three primary senses — i.e. visual, auditory and feeling sensation, whereas the latter only uses muscle sensation.

Inclusion of a self-hypnosis deepening process allows the listener to go deeper only if they wish to, and to be able to place a goal in the future for the completion of a previously stressful task in a relaxed fashion, thus giving the listener better control over future events.

This CD can also be used for mild insomnia, simply by placing Track 3 on “repeat”. The CD may be used during the day by having the listener go through both Tracks 3 and 4, allowing for reorientation and an alert, relaxed state at the end.

5 reviews for Learn to Unwind MP3

  1. KGK, Ontario

    It was just this afternoon that my husband and I sat down to listen to the CD dealing with stress generally. We found the CD to be very well done. In fact my husband fell asleep and after finishing the whole CD I left him in his easy chair where he stayed for at least another half hour before waking and joining me in the kitchen. I too calmed down thoroughly. Thank you. We will no doubt listen and apply this CD many times in the future.

  2. Nancy Corcoran

    Recently I was introduced to Dr. Leyton’s “Learn to Unwind and Enjoy Your Life” CD. I had noticed it at our front reception at Ste. Anne’s Country Inn and Spa for the last few months, but had not an opportunity to listen to it. You know what they say when you work at a spa, you never have time to enjoy the spa! Well, I noticed a number being sold and thought maybe this is something I should be listening for my own well being. They also say that in order to give, you have to fill up first. So I decided to take some of my own medicine. From the moment I started the CD it took me away. The tracks are very informative in relieving stress in your life. Dr. Leyton mentions not driving while listening to this recording, and I now know why. The meditation injects a calm and tranquility into your being, total serenity…pure wellbeing. Dr. Leyton’s delivery of the meditation is very soothing and gentle. The more I listen to it the deeper the meditation becomes. It is obvious that our lives are too busy, and that our lifestyles are shortening the time we can give to ourselves. Let the soothing, healing message of “Learn to Unwind” clear your mind and body of today’s stress. Thank you Dr. Leyton!

  3. R.B., Vancouver

    I am so thankful for the most amazing CD “Learn to Unwind & Enjoy Your Life”. I wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciate all your time and hard work producing a CD that helps very busy entrepreneurs like me. You really have made a difference for me at night time, and I think it is important to let people know when they have done something so well. I am really impressed with the production of a CD that I am sure was very complex to develop. Thank you so much and keep up the fabulous work!!”

  4. B.R.P.

    I have found the CD to be profoundly effective. Every time I use it, I enter a state of deep relaxation within minutes. Dr Leyton’s voice is very soothing. I have recommended it to many patients who have reported good results as well. I highly recommend it.

  5. G & K, Ontario

    My sister gave me Learn to Unwind during a time of great stress. I listened to it every night for several months (sometimes twice per night) and found it to be very helpful to me as I’d suffered from insomnia for several years. Dr. Leyton’s discussion of stress was oddly comforting and my family and I have memorized several lines from the CD. Gradually, I came to use the techniques on my own and no longer needed to listen to Learn to Unwind every night. Having learned to unwind, however, I longed for a CD that would not bring me back out of the deeply relaxed state. Happily, ‘Learn to Sleep Peacefully ~ Awake Refreshed’ is now available. When I first received it I listened to it every night too! Now I only listen to the CD on those rare nights when I can’t seem to drift off into a deep, delicious sleep on my own. I highly recommend these recordings.

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