Learn to Enjoy Your Flight MP3




>Shift from anxiety about your trip into comfort. This CD trains your unconscious mind to relax before, during, and after flying. There’s a track to listen to before your trip, and two tracks to play during your trip. Relax while staying alert so that you can enjoy reading, movies, eating etc., during your flight. Instruction booklet included.

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – Preparing for your flight

  •  teaches you how to shift from anxiety into comfort for your trip
  • trains your unconscious mind to relax about flying
  • helpful instructions printed on the inside front cover

 Track 3 – Preparing to relax during the flight

  •  How the unconscious mind can assist you during your flight

Track 4 – Comfort-turning on relaxation

  •  play both before and during the flight
  • 20 minute self-hypnosis track, that can be placed on repeat for the whole flight if desired
  • Suggestions for relaxing while continuing to be alert – so that you can enjoy reading, movies, eating etc., during your flight

Track 5 – Arriving and re-orienting


  •  Brings you gently out of the deeply relaxed state

3 reviews for Learn to Enjoy Your Flight MP3

  1. BPM, Tyendinaga, ON

    For over 15 years I have suffered terribly with a fear of flying. Not only did it prevent me from traveling for leisure, it had also excluded me from spending time with my family during special occasions because I did not want to suffer through another flight spoiled by fear and anxiety. In my numerous attempts to understand and conquer my fear, I purchased various relaxation tapes and books, none of which calmed me. After attending one of your presentations I was skeptical that this one would not be any different. As I was scheduled to fly the following day I decided your method was worth trying and was amazed how well, it worked!

    My experience was so relaxing and energizing; the anxiety which I had previously encountered had disappeared. The CD enabled me to relax during the flight and appreciate my surroundings. In addition, the most enjoyable part was getting to my destination, and not feeling ill. I am so grateful for your genuine interest in taking time to share your knowledge with others so that we obtain the ability to conquer our fear. Thank you for giving me the chance to travel without hesitation and anxiety. I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends during holidays and other special occasions. I would strongly recommend this CD to anyone who is ready to face their fear. You suddenly learn to have faith in your ability to face what it is that you are fear.

  2. G.W., Kingston, Canada

    I just wanted to let you know how well things went with my flight to and from England. I feel truly liberated from the fear that has accompanied me on flights for as long as I can remember. This time was totally different and most welcome. I was able to have conversations, watch movies, read, undo my seat belt and walk around, and even sleep a bit. In fact, near the end of the flight, when there was some turbulence and the seat belt sign went on – a situation which once would have had me totally on edge – I instead found it somewhat invigorating. It felt like we were finally moving and getting there! Thank you so much for helping me to overcome this fear.

  3. Dr. Mel Borins ~ Family Physician, Toronto

    Dr. Leyton has created an excellent project with great attention to detail. His soothing voice, the relaxing music, the instruction booklet, the progressive relaxation and the manner in which Dr. Leyton has put the exercises together will help individuals who have a flying phobia to go on their next plane ride well prepared to enjoy the journey. If you are not entirely comfortable while flying, this CD will help you take control of your thoughts and feelings and assist you to master your fear.

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